Cyber Safety Summary!

Here’s a summary of what we did when we learnt about cyber safety:

We played on a site that teaches us about cyber safety. We talked to different people in an online chat room (not real people), and the site taught us how to be safe online, things like not sharing personal details, not talking to and trusting people we meet on the internet, and never arranging to meet them in person. The people on the online chat room turned out to be people pretending to be someone else. For example, there was a 55-year-old man saying that he’s about 17. They also told us to send them a photo of ourselves, and we had to choose the right thing to do. None of the people were real people, just part of the website.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde.

How do you “be yourself”? Is it difficult/hard as a generation Zer? Give some examples from your life.

To be yourself you must do exactly what you want. You can’t try and be someone else, because everyone is different and no one is exactly the same. You must know that nobody can change you. Sometimes it is hard to be yourself in generation Z because some people are afraid of people not liking their personalities. But other people are not scared of what people think of them, and they just are themselves. It is often hard to be yourself through peer pressure, but you must do what you want and say what you feel. Here are some examples of my life: In prep, everyone was themselves. No one was afraid of being disliked for being them. If you turned out not liking someone, that person didn’t try and change themselves to be someone they’re not, they continued to be who they are. But in Grade 5 and onwards, I noticed that people were all trying to be the same, to have the same opinions, wear the same things and look the same. People started to become afraid of being themselves and if someone was different, they would be picked on. Some people were very shy in class, but louder and bubblier with their friends. I wasn’t very shy in class, I was the same outside of class. When I was younger I remember I was very quiet and didn’t say much, and outside of class I was louder but still not completely confident.